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Growing up in a house full of brothers and only one sister, it was not always easy to behave like a lady, but my amazing mother taught me to be the woman that I am now. She taught me to cook and crochet, to be a hard worker and how to be a good wife and mother.  Now that I have two young sons of my own to raise, I am so grateful for all the time she spent to teach me everything that I know. Cooking and crocheting are still things that I love to do, and through them I get the chance to explore my creativity and passion. My darling boys fill my life with so much joy and love and challenges that I never even imagined. My wonderful husband keeps me sane and proves to me everyday just how lucky I am to have him. Together we are huge Disney fanatics. We love going to Disneyland and Disney World and collecting Disney memorabilia whenever possible. We also love being outdoors, camping and hiking. I love to read and watch movies from just about every genre. I love music with a deep passion and recently discovered a love for belly dancing. I love to sing and drive my husband crazy dancing and singing just about everywhere that we go.

After becoming a mom I began to lose myself in my desire to give my boys everything they deserve. That and functioning everyday in a haze of post par tum depression and a junk food coma. Besides my mental instability with the depression, my health started to become unstable too. I was seriously overweight, had joint pain and body aches on a daily basis, constant heartburn and digestion troubles. After I started having intolerance to foods that I loved, I decided a major changed was in order. After quite a few fad diets and weight loss plans didn’t work, I found Beachbody and clean eating. Changing the way I looked at food and making fitness apart of my everyday life has literally changed everything for our family. Not only have I lost 60 pounds, I am now healthier and have more energy than ever before. I now get to experiment with foods creating fun new meals for my family of boys, and I get to play with them far more often than I could when they were younger. I get to take all my new found knowledge and passion for health and help other moms, women and couples change their lives by taking control of their health.

Now I live my life on purpose, on my terms. It is filled with Health, Passion, lots of Food, and even more Love.


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