Candy Making for Days

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Follow your passion”. I had heard it about a million times, and every time it was followed up with confusion and desperation. What was my passion? How are you supposed to follow your passion if you have no idea what it is? Follow that phrase up with “write what you know” or “do what you are good at” and I was a puddle of confusion!

I’ve followed plenty of things I thought that I could be good at, but they just weren’t it. When it finally came to me, it seemed completely ridiculous that I had never realized it before.

My grandma and my mom started teaching me to bake and make candy before I can even remember. It was so much apart of my childhood, teen and even adult life that it didn’t occur to me that this beautiful art and skill that I had been learning my whole life was something special. Not only was it special, it was something that I love doing! I loved making caking candy with my mom, grandma and sister and loved baking even by myself.

I got my sister on board and we have been making candy around the clock ever since. Working through a few set backs I have LOVED every second of it. The two of us working together, even going up to my mom’s to work with my mom and Grandma a few times, all leading up to a great taste testing party to help us perfect our craft and start our business. I am so excited about the direction that we are heading in and I can’t wait to share our candy with the world!



  1. Charles Sheppard says:

    Tawna; I’d like to order some toffee, fudge and mint patties. Let me know the cost with shipping. My address:
    C. Sheppard
    10 Stone hedge Dr.
    Mountain Home, AR. 72653

    • says:

      You’ve got it Charles. I’m looking in to what we need to do to ship it to you. I will let you know ASAP

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