Life is a Journey

My goal with my blog has always been to take you on a journey with me. Life has so many twists and turns and can take us in so many directions, that a lot of times we can forget which direction we are traveling. I haven’t always been the best at sharing when my journey is taking me in a direction that I can’t understand, or when things aren’t going the way that I planned. That happens a lot, and I end up getting large gaps of times when I don’t post anything at all, and sadly that means that no one can benefit from any knowledge I gain through those unplanned turns in life.

The last couple of year have had a lot of them. After having my adorable boys and having my dream of being a mother come true, I realized that being a Mom wasn’t the only thing I had in me to give. I love being a mother and it has gotten more and more rewarding as they have grown. I also love a lot of other things and have a lot of skills that I know that I can share with the world, writing being just one of them. In the first year of my blog I did a lot of crafty things and shared a few recipes, and while I enjoyed them all I struggled to figure out what direction I really wanted to go. I was also on a path to losing weight and getting healthier and a lot of the recipes that I was making were not a part of that plan. So after finding Beachbody and deciding to become a health and fitness coach I just couldn’t justify a lot of those activities. But what I discovered after that was what really surprised me, I wasn’t happy cutting those things out of my life. I felt that I was in a constant battle with myself over the things that I wanted to do compared to the things that I should do.

The problem with that is that we have this one life and it is meant to be lived fully and to truly enjoy it! So if you are in a constant fight with yourself you really aren’t living up to that potential that you have. It has taken a LOT of self reflection and more than a few tears while I have really tried to figure out what it is that I want to make of my life in addition to being a mom. I think I have finally figured some of it out and I feel really excited about the direction that I am choosing to go in now.

So be prepared for some new directions, and some familiar directions. I still love healthy eating and believe that daily exercise is critical for our well being, so I am still going to be sharing health tips and running online support groups to help with health and fitness. I also have been blessed with an amazing mother and grandmother who taught me (and continue to teach) an abundance of amazing skills in the kitchen and that is my happy place, so homemade cookies, candies, treats and delicious food will be coming back in to my life as well, because life is about balance.

I’m excited for the directions that I am headed in and I can’t wait to share this next part of my journey with you!

Lots of Love