Why you should marry a GEEK

When I was a young teenager, I got some advice from a family friend.

“You should marry a geek.”

At the time it didn’t seem that relevant to me, as I hadn’t even started dating yet. But as I discovered much later, her advice not only helped to shape the qualities I looked for in my now hubby, it also shaped the qualities I wanted to develop in myself and pass on to my children.

You see, she went on to explain that she had just had a conversation with her own heartbroken “geek” son, after he had been turned down for a date with a girl because she said that he was a geek. While consoling him she was able to see quite clearly that the qualities that made him geeky were actually the things that would eventually make him an amazing husband and father.

Here is the list that she gave to him and then later shared with me.

Geeks are smart.

They never back down from a problem they don’t know the answer to. They use their intelligence to work out a solution.

They are hard working.

They are open to millions of possibilities, and even multiple answers to the same question.

While it may not always be obvious, they are surprisingly strong. Emotionally, mentally and even physically.

Often times, having been picked on themselves at some point, they are incredibly compassionate and loving.

Steve rogers

(Just ask Cap.)

They are incredibly loyal to the people they feel understand them.

They are passionate about the subjects that interest them.

lego fight 2

They aren’t afraid to be different.

Death Star Cake


They have skills other people need.

They have incredible confidence in those skills and in themselves in return.

They know how important support is, so they give support freely to those they love.

They usually have the best hearts.

Just in case all those things weren’t enough, chances are pretty high that they’ll make a lot of money! 😀 (While she said this half-jokingly, it is usually true. If you look in the media and see these young hot women marrying old rich men, they were usually geeks of some kind who made a ton of money when they were younger!)


Little did I know, that same year I met the “geek” who became my friend, then my confidant, and eventually my amazing husband. He has every one of these qualities and has passed them on to our 2 sons as well. Between the 3 of them, they increase my own geeky knowledge everyday (Star Wars and comic book characters may as well actually live in our house for how often we talk about them!)


They also help to strengthen those qualities in me as well.

So now I am firm believer that given the choice, you should always choose the geek!  


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