Ray of Light

Some days are hard for no other reason than that they are hard. Sometimes there are perfectly legitimate reasons for them to be hard: our hormones have decided to have an anti feminist rally, our children have suddenly decided that everything you say is completely wrong and they would rather scream like a fire engine parked at your dinner table rather than eat one bite of the sandwich that they asked for 2 minutes earlier, you couldn’t stop reading your increasingly exciting new novel until 2 in the morning (who am I kidding, it was 10.) and now you can’t seem to keep your eyes open while your toddler tells you about the rock he found for the 13th time, until of course said toddler pries your eyes open with his tiny muddy fingers.

Those hard days can be dark, lonely, confusing and extremely frustrating, as you look out across the darkness and can’t seem to see what direction you are headed. It can feel so tempting just to sit down and stop fighting against the darkness that seems to pull us deeper and deeper into our downward spiral of mommy rage and self-focused negativity.

Those are also the days that bring on the most glorious sunrises, if we can catch that first glimpse of light and hold on to it. The tiny “I love you, mommy” whispered from the back seat of the car by an almost asleep child, the gentle hand on your shoulder of a stranger who tells you everything is going to be OK when they see you struggling in the grocery store, the perfect song that comes on the radio just before you were about to turn it off, the muddy toddler who curls up in your lap and takes a nap with you because he knows that together you can take on any challenge – even an afternoon nap.

Hookedwithlove ray of light

If this message happens to find you on one of those dark days, know that is was meant to find you for a reason. It is the first ray of light reaching out to touch you so that you can see that glorious sunrise. You are not alone. It’s a new dawn, and everything is going to be OK.

Lots of Love,


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