Game Changer

In my last post I was talking about how I started my blogging journey and my weight loss journey at the same time. I had a little success in both and let fear stop me dead in my tracks! A blog that I liked following started a month long challenge to lose 10 pounds, so in an effort to get that area of my life under control I decided to go for it. I weighed myself, took my measurements, took before pictures and wrote everything down on a poster board in my closet.

06012014 hwl

Next to that I wrote down the goal of losing 10 pounds and what weight that would be. My hubby being so supportive decided he would start exercising with me. He found some Insanity workouts and decided he would start with those. Since I was WAY more out of shape then him I decided I would start with something MUCH less intense. I found some 10 minute trainers and committed to doing 2 of them per day.


I was trying, which was far more than I had done in the past but I wasn’t really seeing a lot of results. Mike’s fitness was improving a lot faster than mine was. Talk about frustrating! I know that he has a faster metabolism than I do, and he was doing a lot more in his workouts and frankly was putting in more effort than I was… but that did not stop me from being irrationally angry at him when I was standing on the scale seeing the same number over and over again! Didn’t this scale know that it was supposed to go down every time I stepped on it! Even if I only stepped on it 4 minutes ago…. it’s magically supposed to be working because I thought about losing weight! That’s all it takes right, RIGHT?! Damn you scale!

Needless to say I wasn’t making much sense or progress! Somehow Mike didn’t run away from my craziness, and managed to convince me that I should step it up in the workout department and try something harder. So I started doing a couple workouts from Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire.

turbo fire

She was not my cup of tea! She had so much energy and pep and kept yelling at me to give it my all and then give a little more. Even though I was almost in tears from working harder than ever and jumping around my living room like a crazy person, she just kept yelling at me to keep going! I wanted to throw my shoes at the TV! But rather than give up, AGAIN, I decided that I just had to keep going.

One day I was on Facebook, killing time, and a post appeared in my time line (that to this day, I cannot explain!) from this cute girl, that I didn’t know and had no friends in common with, about being a health and fitness coach. She was talking about this group she was starting explaining what she did as a coach, and it totally got my attention. Maybe I needed a coach! Someone that could help me figure out what I needed to do and point me in the right direction of what would work for me. So I sent her a message…and a beautiful thing happened! I made one of the best friends that I could ask for and received an answer to every prayer that I was asking! She started coaching me and we started the Insanity program full out.

Insanity state of mind

Oh My Gosh! What was I thinking?! This was SO HARD! I thought I was actually dying! I didn’t even make it through the fitness test without feeling like I had already failed and this was the craziest thing I had ever done! But there was Mike encouraging me, cheering me on from the kitchen while he was making dinner for our kids. How could I give up now?

The 2 months that followed were indeed Insane! We made no excuses for ourselves and worked out every single day, even saying no to social engagements and working out on my birthday. And do you know what happened? I lost NO weight! What the crap?! The good news, my body was completely different!


My shape and changed, I had toned, I had lost tons of inches! But there was that stupid scale taunting me! Why haven’t I broken that thing yet?

Luckily my coach had the answer…


Shakeology to the rescue! I started drinking that and my body suddenly realized what had been missing! By the end of the program I was 10 pounds and 8 inches overall down! It was a miracle!!! I felt amazing and decided I had to share that amazingness all over the place…

birthday dress hookedwithlove

Enter Beachbody coaching! Game Changer!

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