Super Woman

I want to introduce you to the most important woman in my life, my Mom.

My mom Hookedwithlove

Her name is Cheryl. She is the oldest of four kids and grew up surrounded by family. She lived on the same property as her grandparents, so her many aunts, uncles and cousins were around all the time. She loved having a huge family and wanted to have 12 kids of her own.

She met my dad when she was in high school and they fell and love and got married while they were very young. Lots of people tell you these days that getting married young is a mistake, but her Grandpa told her that he thought she was doing it right. By getting married young they got to grow and change together. While she didn’t end up having 12 kids, her and my dad did bring 8 bundles of joy into the world. She had five boys in a row before getting a little girl. By that time no one believed she would ever get a girl and actually thought my dad was joking when he said my sister had been born. They took a little break after they had her and waited almost six years before I surprised them. A couple years later they gave me a little brother to play with and decided that 8 was enough!

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Even when I was a little girl I knew that she was amazing for raising six boys and two girls! She is very soft spoken and even though she never really yelled we definitely knew when we were in trouble! Her mother taught her so much and she in turn taught me. She taught me to cook, bake, make candy, crochet, cross stitch (all the crafty things that I know how to do came from her), how to be a good wife and an even better mother. I have always looked up to her and admired her for her strength and love that she gives to everyone. Even though I gave her plenty of trouble, I’m sure, she has always been one of my best friends.

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Her and my dad have been married for 47 years and are still completely in love.

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She loves her grandchildren and you can usually finding her snuggling, playing, dancing or listening intently to one of them.

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This summer she was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called LeioMyoSarcoma. Now my mom is a very healthy woman and we never suspected that anything like this could be happening to her! She was having some minor pains and went to the doctor with a completely different idea of what could be wrong. What was even more surprising was the fact that by the time we had any indication that there was cancer growing inside of her, it was already at stage IV! Now I didn’t know for sure what exactly that meant, so i had to look it up. There are only five stages of cancer, and they name them 0-4. So by the time it is in stage four, it means that it has already spread to different parts of the body and is the most advanced form of cancer.

She had to gather her eight children and her five children in law to tell us all about this diagnosis. I know that it was one of the hardest moments for her, and definitely one of the worst for me too. If you’ve never been in the situation of having a loved one go through this you may not realize all that goes in to it. In our case, her primary care doctor found “masses” in her liver and told her that she thought it was cancer. We didn’t really have any other information than that. Hearing your mother say that she has cancer, sort of feels like being run over by bus. Everything in your world changes immediately! Then there is the waiting… it felt like it took a year to find out everything, even though it was really only a little over a week. She had to have several tests and meet new doctors to be able to tell us what those tests meant. Finally we had everything. It was definitely cancer. Extremely rare cancer and it had already spread to her liver and lungs. The doctor told her and my dad what her options were when it came to treating it and they brought it to us to help decide what to do.

 As a family we decided to fight for her life! It has been the hardest summer of all our lives! She is amazing and continues to inspire me everyday! While I try to do anything that I can to help her down this very rough road, there is not that much I can do to make it easier.

My sister and I decided to put one of the skills that she taught us to use to help her out. We started crocheting hats

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and selling them in my Etsy store to raise money to help pay for the numerous and expensive medical bills that come with fighting cancer.

My brothers also felt the need to help out in some way and started making survival bracelets to raise money as well.

Inspired by our need to help and wanting to do something to join our efforts, my very dear friend started making beaded bracelets to add to the cause. All of them can be found in my Etsy shop.

I have never prayed harder for a miracle than I have this summer. I’ll keep praying and making hats in the hopes that they will help her even a little bit.

I hope that you have enjoyed meeting my amazing mother and hope you will stop by my store to take a look and maybe find something that you like. Thank you for your support.

Lots of Love