Finger painted picture frames

Fingerpainted frames hookedwithlove

I love getting inspiration from other people, especially all the talented ladies that I call friends in the blogging world. So when I saw this project by Amy from One Artsy Mama back in February I was really excited to try it with my little munchkins! I thought that it would make a great Mother’s Day project for us, so I waited patiently for April to come so that we could start it . (I knew I couldn’t start it earlier than that or I would be too excited and give them away early!) April finally came and we had so much fun making them.

I went to JoAnn’s (my favorite store, where I spend WAY too much money!) to buy some paint and frames. I found some great plain unfinished wooden frames and about a million different colors of paint. I finally decided on blue, yellow and green, plus a primer and a gloss finish. I sanded the edges of the frames and painted it with the clear primer a few days before and let it dry. Then I apinted each frame a different background color.

greenframe hookedwithlove paintedframe hookedwithlove yellow frame hookedwithlove

(RM was so excited about the green and I LOVE this color blue!)

After letting them dry, they looked so great I almost just left them plain!


Maybe I will make some more plain ones- they would make great shadow boxes for some Spring time decorations!

But since we started this project with a mission and the kids were so excited we decided to stick to the plan.

I gave each of the boys their own frame and a plate with two different colors of paint. I showed them how to put just their fingertips into the paint and place it lightly on the frame to make a fingerprint.

JRfingerprints hookedwithlove

(JR is the only one who would cooperate for a pic! but he’s adorable so I’ll take it!)

The fingerprints were going really great for a little while, but then they decided it would be more fun to spread the paint around!

Fingerprintframe hookedwithlove

After the kids artwork was all dry I painted them with a clear glossy finish to give them their final touch.

They turned out really cute and completely unique to every kid!

fingerprintart hookedwithlove

The kids loved playing in the paint so much they ask me all the time if we can do it again!

It was such a fun little project and easy enough for my little ones (3 and under) to do with just a little direction. It was so fun to watch them experiment with the paint and have fun getting creative. It was even funny to find where they managed to get paint when we were done! (belly buttons and earlobes…)

What do you think? Would you like a finger painted picture frame from little ones for Mother’s Day?

fingerprintframes hookedwithlove


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