Sometimes easy is better

Frosted Bunny Cookies

There are some days that I have no idea how to keep my little house of munchkins busy and I have no craft ideas. I try to think of new things for them to make but sometimes I am clueless! So when I was shopping at Costco (I have a serious Costco addiction!) I saw that they had pre-made bunny cookies for sale that came with everything necessary to decorate them.

packaged cookies

Perfect! Sometimes things that are easy are even better! We had already made a few Easter crafts but a bunny doesn’t have to be Easter it could just be Spring, right?

The boys were so excited to “paint” the bunnies.

JR's cheesey face JJ's cheesey face RM's cheesey face

(JR, JJ, and RM. I told them to say cheese and these were the faces I got 🙂 very cheesey!)

It came with one blue and one white frosting and they immediately got busy trying to squeeze the frosting out. (JR just got busy eating the cookie…)

JJ decorating RM decorating

After a while, they got tired and asked me to help them. So I finished putting the frosting on and then they helped me put the candy on top (while eating their fare share!)

Easter Bunny Easter Bunny Cookies

They turned out really cute and the boys loved making them! And it was a great easy activity for us to do.